Our enrolment procedure and tuition fees have been updated due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Congratulations, Graduates!

Here We Go!

With smiles on our faces, and a heart full of gratitude and pride, we would like to congratulate the Graduates of School Year 2019-2020.

The last few weeks has set us in unchartered waters, forcing us to adapt overnight and rise up to challenges. And today we rise! Let us not allow this pandemic to hamper us in celebrating your hard work, commitment and intense amount of study that you have done the past few years to achieve this milestone in your life.

We want you to know that we are proud of you, and wish you success in your next journey!

Dr. Caridad Labe

Congratulations to our Grade 6 Graduates:

  1. Christian Joash S. Agana
  2. Romek Jairus B. Agustero
  3. Justin L. Amancio
  4. Mateo Timotheus T. Apit
  5. Isaac Krissian C. Balansag
  6. Ethan Galen E. Basan
  7. Kirk Brian M. Borlasa
  8. Blake Kenshi B. Castillo
  9. Daniel James M. Compton
  10. Chad Connor A. Cuizon
  11. Kieth Gregory C. Devaras
  12. Hans Gabriel P. Duenas
  13. Ron Isaac V. Enerlan
  14. Luke Zachary F. Farre
  15. Dref Gerard V. Fernandez
  16. George Aaron B. Go
  17. Will Anthony T. Magale
  18. Xyrus Lloyd B. Maraquio
  19. Andrei Daniele M. Pangantihon
  20. Jose Felipe B. Ramirez
  21. Allen Russ L. Rusel
  22. Ray Emmanuel Anton V. Sarmago
  23. Nestor Zeke Eleizar S. Taghoy
  24. Zachary Lorenzo R. Tan
  25. Ansell Christian G. Tuquib
  26. Rodrigo L. Tumulak
  27. Jared Friedrich A. Vistal
  1. Margaux Eliana G. Amores
  2. Amelia Jane Aranda
  3. Gianne Mary A. Averilla
  4. Mary Antoniette Divine B. Baguio
  5. Garnette F. Baguio
  6. Trixie Mhyles S. Binangbang
  7. Jayne Lisbeth G. Calva
  8. Bianca Gabrielle D. Codilla
  9. Glynn Margarette A. Coquilla
  10. Alexandra Denise G. Davila
  11. Athenajade Diane N. Del Mundo
  12. Maika Niña L. del Rosario
  13. Therese Angela L. Jusay
  14. Sofia Ysabelle I. Lucido
  15. Zia Camilla A. Madrid
  16. Sanea Ness P. Miñoza
  17. Rayne Alexi S. Nicdao
  18. Therese E. Patanao
  19. Jhazzie Lei S. Pino
  20. Catherine Kate D. Pitogo
  21. Kastene Lesther Eunice S. Pusod
  22. Rainne Yobe L. Tumulak

Congratulations to our Grade 12 Graduates:

  1. Thorsten A. Algar
  2. Karyl Jolo D. Cabantan
  3. John Brix T. Cruza
  4. Nic Simon F. Estrera
  5. Jed Daniel D. Ortega
  6. Kirk Allen C. Roiles
  1. Diane Fiona D. Alcantara
  2. Allysa Divine B. Baguio
  3. Allanah Christyl A. Dionio
  4. Aida Julie R. Dumaguing
  5. Jaina Sophie Ellis V. Garot
  6. Alfreya Danica L. Moliva
  7. Brigella J. Querubin
  8. Viness Margarette M. Ralota
  9. Grace Ann A. Toledo